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Sister Joan's Kids
Sister Joan’s Kids is a project created to carry-on the love, compassion and dedication of Sister Joan Petrik to the healthy development and nurturing of children in Nicaragua. 
Our program, Sister Joan’s Kids, supports the late Sister Joan’s (“Hermana Juanita”) programs and the children they have impacted. 

We uphold the belief that investing in our children can bring about true change. 

The program has many facets in order to fully meet the needs of the community.  Your contributions help fund: 
a school for street children (San Ignacio) that provides two meals a day for students--most of whom would not otherwise eat; 
an agricultural school for impoverished students in remote communities (IBRA); 
and scholarships for graduates of San Ignacio to attend high school.
We are also working with community members, leaders and youth to help develop and support an HIV/AIDS intervention initiative that would target the area’s most vulnerable populations. 
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